Top Four Types of Garden Fountains that You Should Know About

Top Four Types of Garden Fountains that You Should Know About

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Most of the people love spending some time in their garden daily, especially with their children or grand children. Adding a water fountain to your garden can make it very beautiful. It changes the entire feel and look. The flowing water will have a relaxing effect on people in the surroundings. Besides, the garden fountain will be available for you in different styles, sizes and materials. They can be freestanding or wall mounted or tiered.

What are the different types of garden fountains?

Remember, you should always choose a water fountain for your garden by considering your budget. You should also include the maintenance cost as well while planning your budget. Some of the different types of garden fountains include –

  • Disappearing Fountain – These disappearing fountains are also popularly called as pondless fountains. This type of water fountains looks extremely good when they are installed close to the path. They really add a great look to your garden area. Some of the popular fountain styles include granite columns, millstones and ceramic urns. This type of fountains generally requires very low maintenance. Moreover, they occupy very less space when compared to the other types of fountains. Hence, they can be installed anywhere.

  • Tiered Fountains – These tiered fountains are pretty famous across the world. Besides, people are using this type of water fountains from so many years. They are especially famous in the countries like Italy and Spain. This type of fountain looks more traditional.
  • Wall Fountains – These wall fountains do not take much space like the other types of fountains. Besides, they generally require internal tubing, pump, water basin and a spout. These wall fountains can either be mounted or freestanding. While the free-standing fountains are generally called as floor fountains.

  • Contained Fountains – These contained fountains are famous for their low price. Moreover, they are very easy to install. Besides, you need not place this kind of fountains on a pool or a pond as they have their own water reservoir. This type of fountains can be moved to any other location very easily. These contained fountains are generally available in materials like fiberglass, cast stone and ceramic. Hence, you can choose one from them according to your requirement.

Decide which one is your favorite now and place your order online. You will definitely fall in love with these garden fountains.

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