Install Loop Carpeting in Areas Such as Stairs and Halls

Install Loop Carpeting in Areas Such as Stairs and Halls

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If you are shopping for carpeting, you may be wondering about what you should install on your stairs or in halls. As these areas receive a good deal of traffic, you definitely want a sturdier type of carpeting. You also want to make sure that you have an understanding of the various carpet types.

Choosing a Fabric: What to Ask

So, before you make it your quest to choose and buy a carpet, you need to ask yourself some important questions. For example, how long do you want to carpeting to last? Carpet fibres offer different levels of performance in this respect. If you want to invest in carpet for the short term, you may be interested in choosing a carpet that is made with a polyester fibre. Otherwise, you may wish to choose a longer-lasting synthetic such as nylon.

Next, ask yourself when you will be needing the carpet. You can choose from in-stock carpeting as well as cheap carpets in Welwyn Garden City that are made from various fibre types. Just as the number of films that have been shot in Welwyn Garden City, the carpets that are available through retailers such as Welwyn Carpet Mills are interesting and varied.

Carpet Styles

For example, you can choose from carpets in the following styles:

  • Saxony carpets are made of level and dense pile with a short cut. The yarns, which are closely packed, offer a smooth look in traditional settings. Many times, a smooth-finished cut of this carpet is known as a plush. Saxony carpets are not recommended for high-traffic areas as they can display marks, seams, or footprints.
  • Frieze carpeting is represented by rugged, sort, and twist pile fibres. Therefore, this covering is designed for commercial installations. Fibres of the carpet curl in varying directions. As a result, the carpet is good at hiding marks and footprints. This type of carpet is preferred for more casual living or work spaces.
  • Textured carpets are not as dense as plush carpets. However, they still represent a soft look and feel. Made of two-toned yarns and an uneven type of surface, this type of carpet also is noted for its tightly twisted construction. Because the carpet resists dirt, it is often included in large living spaces.
  • Loop carpeting, as the name suggests, is a floor covering that is made with looped yarns that are affixed to a backing. Because of their durability, loop carpeting is ideal for areas that receive a good deal of traffic. Therefore, businesses such as Welwyn Carpet Mills suggest installing this type of carpet on stair steps or in hallways.

Types of Loop Carpeting

You can buy one of two types of loop carpeting. These types are represented by two types of piles:

  • Level loop carpets feature loops that are uncut, tufted, and equal in height. As a result, this type of carpet represents a notably smooth surface. The carpet is sturdy and easy-care. However, it is stiffer than other carpet alternatives.
  • Berber carpeting displays uncut loops that are large and natural in tone. This type of carpet is typically made of nylon, olefin, or wool. The carpet, which resists stains well, is denser than other kinds of carpeting. If you have several pets, you need to be careful because animal claws may snag the fibres.

Choose your ideal carpet type at a retailer such as Welwyn Carpet Mills. Check the PAR rating before making a selection that meets your budget. The PAR rating, which is a one to five rating scale, checks a carpet’s performance, appearance, and retention. The higher the PAR rating, the better the retention.

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