Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Do-it-yourself

Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Do-it-yourself

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Although hardwood floor refinishing takes a while, persistence and needs proper tools it’s not difficult to do. Even the results is going to be remarkable so that you can look lower at the floor and are proud of the superb task finished to revive its shine.

The entire process of refinishing your hardwood floor involves three steps – sanding, staining and finishing the ground. The steps are highlighted below:

To start with, you have to obvious your floor of all of the furniture and rugs. Put on a mask to safeguard yourself in the dust and appearance the ground for nails or any other objects. You will have to rent a sander to sand your floor. However check how it operates prior to bringing it home. Make sure that you have adequate way to obtain sandpaper (in various grits) and run the sander over your floor. After you have sanded while using heavy-grit sandpaper proceed to sand having a lighter-grain.

If you opt to stain your floor following a sanding, you have to obvious the ground or dust. Make sure that even fine dust is removed and use the first coat of stain towards the floor. Use a rag or perhaps a brush if you want heavier jackets of stain. Permit the first coat to dry so if you’re pleased with the appearance, avoid using another coat.

To complete, you will have to use memory. You are able to put it on having a brush or perhaps a roller and allow it to dry. It could take around 4-5 hrs to dry, with respect to the make of finish you utilize. For those who have used another coat, you need to allow it to dry overnight. Avoid using the area for a few days. You are able to take the furniture in only 3-4 days next.

Do not have time for you to refinish your hardwood floor? Still wish to restore the shine of the hardwood floor? For convenient and cost-effective hardwood floor refinishing techniques, you are able to the expertise of hardwood floors companies.

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