Are You Ready to Replace Your Boiler?

Are You Ready to Replace Your Boiler?

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Boilers are not coy when they need to be replaced. In fact, they can be downright rude. Not only will they make unusual noises but they kick on more often during the day. Because they have to work harder to provide heat, they use up a lot of energy.

How Old Is Your Boiler?

If you have missed a couple of annual inspections for your boiler, you will find that your boiler will provide major clues when it needs to be replaced. For example, first look at the boiler’s age. If you normally schedule regular boiler servicing in Cardiff, your boiler should last about 15 years. Check the warranties on new boilers when you are reviewing them too. Review heat exchanger guarantees as well as parts warranties included on new installations.

Cast Iron Boilers Last Longer

If your boiler is made of cast iron, it should last around three decades. Therefore, look at the age of your boiler before considering the other replacement signs. Even if your boiler seems to be operating proficiently, its age will catch up to it after a while. When it does, it can trigger a serious breakdown. You do not want to wait for this to happen, either, as it normally occurs during the coldest part of the year. Do not wait for the temperature to take a drastic plunge to call about a boiler problem.

Again, you will find that an older boiler that needs to be replaced will consume more energy. This fact will be revealed when you receive your energy bill. If you want to pay less for energy consumption, you need to install an energy-efficient boiler. Not only that, but your maintenance costs will be higher too. That is when you know that you need to make a change. Otherwise, you will have to continue paying higher and higher prices.

Does Your Boiler Burn Yellow Flames?

A boiler that needs to be replaced also burns yellow flames if it is fuelled by gas or leaves a residue of black soot if it is powered by oil. When you see these warning indicators, waste no time in scheduling a replacement. By taking this step, you could be saving your and your family’s lives. This form of discoloration means that the fuel is not burning properly and that harmful carbon monoxide is being produced.

No More Discomfort

A boiler also needs to be replaced if it is leaking, a sure indicator that the unit is seeing its final days. To avoid a catastrophe such as a flood, you need to have the leaky boiler replaced without delay. You also need to make a switch if you notice that your home is not evenly heated or that some areas are colder than others. Therefore, a new boiler system can eliminate this condition and get rid of those unwelcome cold areas in your house.

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